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“It was a recommendation by my massage therapist that led me to hypnotherapy and Germana. My massage therapist believed that my shoulder and neck problems could be a result of long term stress and emotional problems that had to be released. I had been seeing a local counselor for two years dealing with problems associated with emotional abuse from an unfaithful husband and an extremely painful divorce. But after all this counseling, I still had many unanswered questions. I was not too sure what to expect from hypnotherapy, my only experience with hypnosis was through entertainment at the bar and I really didn’t believe that I could actually be hypnotized and that it was actually going to help. I had two sessions with Germana, she explained the process of hypnosis and made me feel extremely comfortable. Not only did she relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders, but I also got all my questions answered. I now feel like I have been given a glimpse of the real reason why I am here and feel like I now know a secret and that no matter what happens in my life from now on, it is just all part of a larger plan for me. I would like to thank Germana for opening up a new world to me and introducing me to a therapy that I am anxious to learn and share with others.”

~ Satisfied Client