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“My first session with Germana was after a nasty day at life. I was upset and frustrated. When I left it was all gone. I left with an amazing peace in my heart and calmness in my soul. As I reflect over my past year with Germana, I have realized that my body can not be fully healthy without my mind and soul also becoming healthy. After I began going back to university I decided to get in touch with a deeper spiritual level of soul work and I have recently begun to work with Germana’s self hypnosis on healing. I do a lot of meditating and have for a few years. The tape Germana has made me brings me to the deepest spiritual experience I have ever had. It is paralyzing and has brought tears to my eyes. I believe that my body mind and soul can not be fully happy and healthy if one of these areas is neglected. The Body, mind and soul for me all need to be worked on. Through out this experience my relationship with Germana has gone beyond a professional level and I absolutely enjoy having the spiritual nature of our relationship in my life. My life has become much more enriched by getting to know Germana on a spiritual level and I will continue to use her services. I also continue to recommend her to others.”

~ Cynthia