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“I have known Germana as an instructor for a few years now but didn’t take her up on personal training until this August. I am forty-five years old and have come through a major stress time. Weight was up and had zippo energy to get through the day. I decided to take the time and spend the money for personal one on one. The nutritional information has made such a difference! I am eating more, feeling better, and losing weight at the same time. I have currently lost fifteen pounds of fat and put on two pounds of muscle. Germana has tailored a varied exercise program that I can fit into my busy schedule and doesn’t take endless hours in the gym. I like that she changes it up as we go to keep me challenged and not bored. My clothes fit again and friends are noticing the changes and asking me what I’m doing. I feel Germana’s services have exceeded my expectations and would encourage anyone to take advantage of them. If I can do it, you can too. Thanks Germana!”

~ Cathy M.