The Big Fat Lie

October 26th, 2014

The Big Fat Lie,


In the last 25 years of my life, I have been exposed to many concepts about health and weight loss. In a nut-shell, we as a human race have been lied to at our expense and Corporate interests gains……


Yes – we have learned to follow what is mainstream and wonder why we can’t lose weight. We blame our age, our thyroid, our lack of discipline and last but not least we forget to blame our source of knowledge. If you are following Canada’s Food Guide, you have been lied to.


I got into the fitness industry when I was 18 years old to learn about health. Most of what I was taught left me confused and very conflicted as what to eat to be healthy. I love animals so I became a vegetarian, vowing to NEVER eat meat again. I worked out 3 to 4 hours a day “teaching Fitness classes”. I stuck to my Vegetarian commitment and I gained 35 – 40 pounds of pure fat. I was so distressed that I blamed myself for an eating disorder that was a direct result of being a vegetarian. My body was being programmed to store fat and not burn it because of my diet.


Years passed, I still kept looking and today I have found the truth to eating for TRUE HEALTH, WEIGHT LOSS, HORMONAL HEALTH, BRAIN HEALTH and ENERGY, I actually feel like I am 23 again. It’s all about the foods that we were meant to eat in the first place, it’s about common sense.


We are taught to eat foods that make us fat, depressed and addicted so huge companies can make billions off of our blind trust. This makes my blood boil. I see the effects of the standard eating practices everywhere. Obesity, Depression, Anxiety, Eating disorders in many people and when they are ready to take their power and their minds back, I will walk them back to health through factual based education.


If you have a big midsection, then you are unable to burn fat and the food choices that you select are the reason for the bulge. Results start in the kitchen. Exercise won’t fix imbalanced eating.


I can show you how to be a fat burner for life with real brain-body science with real results. You just have to want results more than you want your comfort zone. If you change, what will happen to you?


Will you be happier? Will your life become easier? Will you have less stress? Will you feel and look better? Will you save money?


I see other very competent trainers selling Isagenix as their secret weight loss strategy and to be honest, if that’s the best that they can do for their customers (that’s unfortunate for their customers). This creates dependence (on packaged highly processed Franken foods) and NEVER teaches you what you need to know to b a fat burning machine for life. If you took 250 dollars (the amount that one month of Isagenix cost you), and invested in your education for real health based nutrition, you would have a very different outcome indeed. You would save thousands of dollars and know the Secret to Health.