About Heart Consulting

Evolved from a call to re-connect with my inner wisdom. My personal life had hit a wall, I was numb, afraid and unhappy, I was visiting Di Cherry my mentor, friend and teacher in Vancouver BC.


She needed to see a client and was sure I would enjoy Granville Island. I walked around taking in the west coast experience when I saw a vendor who carves jewelry out of real wooly mammoth tusk.


I was immediately drawn to a heart with holes in it; it also has a red bobble in one of the holes… I thought (this means something: the holes represented the painful wounds that I had listened to and healed) the bobble represented the one that I could choose to listen to and recover my ability to love myself and heal my pain.


It is the symbolic nature of the heart that spoke to me and helped me get and stay clear as to how I could make a difference on this planet.


How I could make a difference in my own story, how I could help you listen to a trust your hearts callings….


How we can all heal and create a better planet by listening to and honoring our hearts.


Psychological research and experience tell us that people pleasing is not a formula for happiness or success. Happy people do not compare themselves to others or overly concern themselves with others’ opinion of them. They are directed from the inside – their personal vales and convictions and staying true to them as an inner compass that they will not violate.