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“I had just been through a very painful time in my life-divorce-. And I felt riddled with guilt. I knew that I had done the best I could, and that the guilt wasn’t really justified, however it had control over any happiness I felt I might deserve or have in the future, Particularly in my new relationship. I really started examining my guilt after reading Germana’s article; I realized a lot of my guilt had been with me for a very long time, even before my marriage. I had no idea what I was guilty for. I was really sick of living with this pain and decided to give Hypnotherapy and Germana a try.


In my first session I was nervous and apprehensive and yet I found Germana’s mannerisms to be re-assuring, trustworthy and very professional. In the very first session I got to the root of my guilt with hypnotherapy. I also cleared a number of life draining emotions. The root cause of it all stated very early in my life, I would never have seen them or connected that imprinting to my present day pain.


I feel that I have rooted out some major areas which held me back in my life. I have taken serious strides forward, free from guilt, misplaced sadness, anger or fear. I know absolutely that hypnotherapy worked for me. I have tried a variety of therapies over the years and can attest to the fact that that to date, I have had the greatest positive results, in the shortest amount of time, with the help of Germana and Hypnotherapy.


Yes guilt, sadness, fear and anger touch our lives, but they do not have to be our lives. We have the power through hypnosis to unlock the doors, which could otherwise remain closed to us forever. Today I am moving on, selling the family farm, building a cottage and a newer, stronger more confident me. Thanks Germana”

~ Nanaimo Resident