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“A year and a half ago I managed to put cigarettes behind me and put more food in front of me. I continued to work out, but the pounds crept on. As my 40th birthday approached I began to get depressed. “I’m getting old AND fat I whined. My desperate husband bought tickets to Mexico to cheer me up for my birthday, so I spent two great weeks in front of a buffet table. I probably should have taken a cargo plane home. When I saw the pictures of our trip I cried and then got angry. A friend hooked me up with Germana and my life did a 360.Within 3 weeks my shape started changing and I was smiling again. Germana showed me how to workout with maximum results with every move. Before, I had been going through the motions and putting in the time but going nowhere-very disheartening. With Germana’s patient guidance I did less work but got way more bang for my buck. She encouraged me to change the way I ate too. Cutting down on carbs and fats yet eating more, I graze all day long and I’m never hungry. And unlike the grazing at the buffet table, I was shrinking and I never get heartburn anymore.


Germana really knows her stuff; she motivates and builds your self-esteem and confidence and she really cares about her clients.


These have been the most progressive 12 weeks of my life. I lost 18 lbs. of fat; I’m now in the excellent range of body fat and I had enough confidence in myself to get a new job. I’m taking a month off for holidays but I’ll be back so I can continue this journey of self-discovery that Germana has paved the way for.


I got way more out of this than I ever imagined thank-you so much Germana, you are the best!

~ Nanaimo Resident