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“As far as I can remember, I have had a craving for chocolate. And in recent years it had become a compulsion. I would go out of my way to find my daily “fix”. I would gulp it down quickly and immediately would feel relaxed and safer. I felt like this was controlling me. This interfered with my trying to loose weight and lower my cholesterol. I was so fed up with myself and was determined to look into this more deeply. That’s when I decided to try hypnotherapy with Germana. Germana suggested that this chocolate problem might stem from a childhood issue that had helped me cope at that time. Hearing Germana suggest that touched a deep emotional pain and truth in me. She then led me into hypnosis to heal the feelings of shame, fear, anguish, anxiety….etc. that I had repressed as a child and continued to do so as an adult. Germana ‘s intuitive, open and genuine understanding and compassionate approach helped me be honest and comfortable with her and myself. As I left her house that day, I sensed a new freedom. I did not stop anywhere for chocolate.. …it was not an issue anymore. All the compulsion and cravings had disappeared. Now I can choose to have chocolate for the pure pleasure of it and I had it once in the last month. I highly recommend German’s way of healing through hypnotherapy…..she has lots of skills and experience. I am still amazed and dancing with joy at the results of the deep changes within me….. and I am loosing weight.”

~ Mrs. B.K