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“I would like to thank you for the transformation in my body and mind. When I started with you in August, just before my 59th birthday, I was 15 lbs. overweight and feeling confused and helpless. I knew I ate healthily and liked exercise and yet each year I seemed to be getting heavier, especially in the `middle’ where others really couldn’t see. Your gentle, supportive manner has empowered me to recognize my part in this transformation.


Your insight and guidance first re my eating habits was essential and the hypnotherapy did not seem like hypnotism so much as a deep sharing with someone I learned to feel safe with and trusted.


The complete package for me has been the use of the exercise ball. Your careful instruction and personalized exercises for me specifically as a primary school teacher have improved my posture and overall body tone as well as some body shape definition! I was 155 lbs. in August and now am 145lbs. and still trimming.


I know I will continue to work with you Germana, as you help me weed out negative thought patterns and behaviors and overall `wellness’. I highly recommend your services.”

~ Diane Bestwick